Australia Migration : Your relationships

Australian EmbassyWhen completing the Immigration forms many of them do require you to make a list of your children as well as your relationships for the visa. This you will find in most of the Australian visa applications and many do become important later.

If you are getting married to an Australian and your mother lives with you are a dependent in your home country then moving her to Australia later may become important if you are going to take her to Australia on another visa such as a Remaining Relative Visa which might allow you to bring her to Australia later. The question does also arise with an Australian Educational Visa and Fiancee Visa and Partner visa. See also the notes on the Migration & Identity post on this website.

Australia Migration : Your relationships

  • If you or anyone included in the application has been widowed, divorced or permanently separated: a certified copy of the death certificate, divorce documents, or statutory declaration separation documents. Note that this is common at all Embassies when registering a marriage while abroad. The local Embassy will not be able to assist you with obtaining these documents and you will need to collect it yourself. If you have been married abroad the Australian Embassy will also require these documents of your divorce, separation or death certificate of your spouse. This is part of marriage requirements in Thailand as an example (see also here) as the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.
  • Evidence that you and your prospective spouse have met face-to-face as adults and are personally known to each other. Most times the visa agency ensure that this has been done as they will require you to submit photos of you and your fiancee or children together. This avoid fraudulent marriages.
  • Evidence that you will marry your prospective spouse within nine months of being granted the visa (such as a letter from the person who will officiate at the wedding). Again with the fiancee visa for Australia this is required. This normally involves a letter to show the bookings or other arrangements that have been made such as the reception and a letter from your local church.
  • Evidence that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live in a married relationship. This would mainly be from letters and emails which you have written to each other. These take up most of the space in the application as it is normally folder thick in quantity of correspondence between the two of you.

Written statements showing the history of your relationship, such as:

  • how, when and where you first met
  • how your relationship developed
  • when you became engaged
  • joint activities
  • significant events in the relationship
  • your future plans as husband and wife.


These are the basics and you will need to speak to an immigration expert of an Australian attorney who knows the finer issues with Australian migration. Also seek legal advice when dealing with all migration issues.


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