Remaining Relative Visa

Australian EmbassyNote now here that the Remaining Relative Visa (subclass 115) listed here for Australia is not a well known visa and it is almost like the other visa being the Aged Dependent Relative Visa as well as the other Contributory Parent Visa which is also for allowing your parents or parent to move to Australia to live with you.

Remaining Relative Visa

Note that this visa is intended for people who ​are outside of Australia as whose’s only near relatives or relative are living in Australia. This allows you to live in Australia as a permanent resident.

The requirements for the visa are as follows:

  • You have made your application outside Australia;
  • Your (and your partner’s) only near relatives are settled in Australia and are all Australian citizens;
  • One of your near relatives (son,daughter) or their partner is prepared to be your sponsor.​

Note that you are allowed to bring your husband or wife or partner to Australia with you. This unlike the other parent visas available. Always speak to an attorney in your country about immigration to Australia. Note also that the Australian Embassy does keep a list of competent lawyers who will be able to assist you at your own cost. Compare this to the Contributory Parent Visa as well as the Aged Dependent Relative Visa as you will see. Search this webiste for more information remaining relative visa Australia.

Also note that your sponsor will be responsible for your housing medical and other financial assistance. This is important to note and why you need legal assistance when applying for this visa. See the visa application form below so you know what it is that the Australian government is going to want form you to allow you to live in Australia.

pdf-icon……Application for migration to Australia by other family members



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