Australian Embassy in Iceland

The Australian Embassy in Iceland also fulfills the role of the Australian Embassy for Denmark, given the absence of a dedicated Australian embassy in Norway. This arrangement means that Australians residing in Norway requiring consular services, including passport applications and renewals, must reach out to or visit the Australian Embassy in Iceland.

Australian Embassy in Iceland

Understanding the costs involved in passport applications or renewals is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the fees in both Australian dollars (AUD) and Danish krone (DKK):

– Adult Passport (32 pages, 10 years validity):
– AUD 501.00
– DKK 2,275.00
– Senior Passport (32 pages, 5 years validity):
– AUD 330.00
– DKK 1,498.00
– Child (16-17 years) Passport (32 pages, 10 years validity):
– AUD 422.00
– DKK 1,916.00
– Child (0-15 years) Passport (32 pages, 5 years validity):
– AUD 251.00
– DKK 1,139.00

Additional fees include an Overseas Processing Surcharge Fee, amounting to AUD 155.00 (DKK 704.00) for adults and AUD 76.00 (DKK 345.00) for children.

Passport Renewal

For adult renewals (by mail, PC7 form), applicants must be at least 18 years old and meet specific criteria: their previous passport must have been issued when they were at least 16, after January 1, 2006, with at least two years’ validity. It also must not have been lost, stolen, or canceled.

For child renewals (by mail, PC8 form), the applicant must be 15 years or younger and must have previously held an Australian passport. Children aged 16-17 must apply in person with at least one parent or guardian.

All other applications must be lodged in person by appointment at the Australian Embassy in Iceland or during an Embassy Outreach Visit to Norway or Denmark. This also includes renewals if preferred.

Emergency Passports

In urgent travel situations, applicants may be eligible for an emergency passport. These passports are valid for up to 12 months and do not have a chip, which may restrict entry into some countries. For assistance, contact the embassy at +45 7026 3676 or via email at

Contact Information

For general inquiries, consular services, notarial services, passport services, public diplomacy, events, accounts, property, and visa inquiries, reach out to the relevant email or phone number listed:

General enquiries:
Consular enquiries and notarial services:
Passport services:
Public diplomacy and events:
Accounts and property:
Visa enquiries: +61 2 6196 0196 or visit


Notarial Services by Mail

In addition, for notarial services that do not require in-person attendance (such as certified copies, apostilles, or authentications). Likewise you will need to send your original documents to the embassy by registered mail or courier. Additionally including a payment authorization form and a cover letter detailing the service you need, along with your return address and contact information.

Postal Address:

Australian Embassy Iceland
Attn: Consular
Dampfærgevej 26, 2nd floor
DK-2100 Copenhagen OE


Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)

If planning to marry overseas, a CNI might be required. Applications can be submitted by mail, email, or by booking an appointment at the Australian Embassy in Iceland. For more details, check the Smartraveller website.

Statutory Declaration

Likewise a statutory declaration is a statement of facts that you declare to be true. Additionally book an appointment at the embassy for this service, as only an Australian statutory declaration can be witnessed there.

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