Australian Children Born Abroad

Australian EmbassyThis is Australian children born abroad process. If the child is born outside of Australia then at least one of the parents needs to be an Australian citizen. Note that you will have to first register the child with the local authorities where the child was born. For most countries this normally takes a day or two to complete. There are also issues with the passport and visa for a child born in Singapore as an example.

How to register Australian baby born overseas

Australian Children Born Abroad Registration

If you are born abroad then you will need to complete the needed paperwork. Note that adoption abroad would be a different issue all together and you should take legal device on this type of  matter. The following documents are needed:

Identity documents:

You will need to provide three documents that, all together, show the applicant’s:

  • birth name, date of birth and gender

For a child born abroad you are only going to need the birth certificate issued by the local authority where the child was born. This needs to be translated and certified before you take it to the Australian Embassy in the country where you are located.

Supporting documents:

As the parent you will need to provide the needed documentation to show that you are an Australian citizen. The following documents would be needed, however check with your local Australian Embassy what they would need as they might only need your passport. The following are the usual documents:

  • full Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate or naturalisation certificate
  • Australian passport.

If you have dual citizenship in a new country then you will also need to provide the following documents:

  • evidence of other citizenships held by the Australian citizen parent such as a letter or certificate showing the date they got the other citizenship, if applicable.

Documents not in English:

All documents must be translated into English and must be certified. These documents you will need to take with you to the nearest Australian Embassy. Many countries do not have an Embassy. However you will need to submit the documents to the Embassy. One that is accredited to the country where you are located. This is how to register Australian baby born overseas.




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