Australian Fiancee Visa

Australian EmbassyThe Australian Fiancee visa is also called the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300). This visa is a temporary Australian visa which is valid for 9 months once you enter Australia. Note that you have to be outside of Australia when you apply for this visa.

What the Australia Prospective Marriage visa let you do?

  • The visa allows you to enter Australia before you marry your prospective spouse;
  • You can travel into and out of Australia;
  • The visa allows you to work while in Australia;
  • You can study in Australia but not at the expense of the taxpayers;
  • You can apply for an Australian partner visa after the marriage.

Who could get this visa?

  • Anyone who wants to marry in Australia to an Australian;
  • You must be sponsored by your fiancee;
  • You must have met your fiancee in person;
  • You cant be of the same gender for this specific visa;
  • You have met health, age and character requirements for the visa.

Note that you will have to have proof of your intention to get married within the 9 months once you enter Australia. This can be a letter from the church or accounts which you have already paid for the wedding reception. Also note that your spouse must be an Australian citizen an Australian permanent resident an eligible New Zealand citizen.

See the list of countries where there is an Australian Embassy. There is an Australian Embassy in Shanghai as well as an Australian Embassy in Korea and an Australian Embassy in Bangkok. See also other visa options for Australia list on this website such as a remaining relative visa which is very common in Asia.

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