Australian Embassy in Denmark

Australian EmbassyThese are the details for the Australian Embassy in Denmark. You can browse this website for more information on each Embassy in the world. Note that the Australian Embassy or High Commission is always in the capital city of the country that it is located in. I have added more locations on the Australian Embassies in Europe.

Australian Embassy in Denmark

Passport Costs

Here’s a breakdown of the costs for different types of passports in Australian dollars (AUD) and Danish krone (DKK):

– Adult Passport (32 pages, 10 years validity):
– AUD 501.00
– DKK 2,275.00

– Senior Passport (32 pages, 5 years validity):
– AUD 330.00
– DKK 1,498.00

– Child (16-17 years) Passport (32 pages, 10 years validity):
– AUD 422.00
– DKK 1,916.00

– Child (0-15 years) Passport (32 pages, 5 years validity):
– AUD 251.00
– DKK 1,139.00

Additional Fees:

– Overseas Processing Surcharge Fee for Adults: AUD 155.00 / DKK 704.00
– Overseas Processing Surcharge Fee for Children: AUD 76.00 / DKK 345.00

– Certificate of Identity: AUD 217.00 / DKK 985.00
– Document of Identity: AUD 91.00 / DKK 413.00
– Observation Label after Passport Issuance: AUD 17.00 / DKK 77.00
– Replacement Passport (valid for remainder of current passport’s validity): AUD 217.00 / DKK 985.00
– Emergency Passport (4 pages, 7 months validity, no chip): AUD 217.00 / DKK 985.00


Passport Renewal

– Adult Renewal (by mail, PC7 form):
– Eligibility: 18 years and over, and meet specific passport criteria.
– Renewal by mail if your previous passport was issued when you were 16 or older, after January 1, 2006, had at least two years’ validity, and hasn’t been lost, stolen, or canceled.

– Child Renewal (by mail, PC8 form):
– Eligibility: Aged 15 or younger and previously held an Australian passport.

– All Other Applications (PC7 & PC8, in person):
– All other applications must be lodged in person by appointment at the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen or during an Embassy Outreach Visit to Norway or Iceland. Children aged 16-17 must apply in person with at least one parent/guardian.

Emergency Passports

If you urgently need to travel, you may be eligible for an emergency passport. Contact the Embassy to discuss your circumstances. Emergency passports are valid for up to 12 months and don’t have a chip, so check visa requirements for all countries you plan to enter or transit. You can apply for a full-validity passport simultaneously with an emergency passport application. Lastly also see what I wrote on the Australia Migration : Your identity issues.


Australian Embassy in Denmark


Australian Embassy, Denmark

Office and postal address:

Australian Embassy
Dampfærgevej 26, 2nd floor
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Telephone: + 45 70 26 36 76



General enquiries:
Consular enquiries and notarial services:
Passport services:
Public diplomacy and events:
Accounts and property:
Visa enquiries: +61 2 6196 0196 or visit

Opening hours

All visitors to the Embassy must make an appointment for consular services, passport interviews or notarial services.

The Embassy’s opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday



Notarial Services in Person

If you need notarial services in person, you can schedule an appointment at the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen during these times:

– Tuesdays: 13:00 – 14:30
– Thursdays: 13:00 – 14:30

Notarial Services by Mail

For notarial services that don’t need you to be there in person (like certified copies, apostilles, or authentications), you can send your original documents to the Embassy by registered mail or courier. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Complete a payment authorization form, including the fee for return postage, and send it with your documents. You can find the payment authorization form on our fees page.
2. Include a cover letter with a description of the service you need, your return address, and contact information. We’ll return your original documents along with the notarized ones.

Postal Address:

Australian Embassy Copenhagen
Attn: Consular
Dampfærgevej 26, 2nd floor
DK-2100 Copenhagen OE


Notarial Services We Offer

Affidavits (Oaths and Affirmations)

To request an affidavit, you need to book an appointment at the Embassy with a Diplomatic officer. An affidavit is a legal statement used as evidence in court. Make sure you provide the document in the correct form and any additional instructions. We can only witness affidavits related to Australian documents or foreign documents for use in Australia.

Apostilles and Authentications

We can help with apostilles on documents like birth certificates, court documents, police checks, and more. Make sure you check with the receiving authority to know if you need an apostille or authentication. We can only assist with apostilles and authentications related to Australian documents or foreign documents for use in Australia.

Certifying True Copies of Documents or Photographs

At the Embassy, we can certify photographs and true copies of original documents. We’ll photocopy your documents and certify them with the words “This is a true copy of the document presented to me.” These certifications are approved by DFAT and cannot be changed. The documents must be Australian or for use in Australia.

If You Need to Provide the Embassy with a Certified Copy of a Document

You can find a registered Notary Public in your region. Check the following links for Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. Some District Courts in Norway may not certify copies of foreign documents, so make sure to check with them directly. The Embassy will also accept certified copies from Norwegian copy shops that provide domestically-recognized certified copies. An official stamp and/or seal must be used. Likewise see what I wrote on the Australian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)

If you’re getting married overseas, you might need a CNI. You can submit your application by mail, email, or book an appointment at the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen. Check the Smartraveller website for more information.

Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration is a statement of facts that you declare to be true. You need to book an appointment at the Embassy for this service. We can only witness an Australian statutory declaration.

Witnessing Signatures

If you need your signature witnessed, you must book an appointment at the Embassy with the relevant officer. We can only witness signatures related to Australian documents or foreign documents for use in Australia.

Notarial Service Fees

You can check the relevant fees for notarial services in the table below.


 Notarial service




 Certified copy (per document)*  Making and certifying a copy of an original document



 Witnessing a signature  Witnessing a signature – per signature, per document



 Issuing an Apostille  With or without binding multiple pages of a document



 Issuing an Authentication  With or without binding multiple pages of a document



 Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)  Including witnessing a signature if lodged at Embassy




Note: A passport is considered as one document.


Lastly the articles that I wrote on Australian Embassy in Germany as well as Australian Consulate in Houston.





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