Australian Embassies in Middle East

Australian EmbassyThere are a number of Australian Embassies in the Middle East. You can ask about an Australian visa however most simply use an immigration lawyer to manage their Australian visa application. If you wish to withdraw your visa application then that also requires more forms to be completed. Ask about the process.

Below you will find the contact details for these Embassies in the Middle East. Note that there is also a listing on this website for Australian Embassies in Africa as well as Australian Embassies in Asia should you find yourself in another region of the world. Always call or email the Embassy first to ensure that they are open and able to assist you. They can as always provide you with consular assistance such as a birth certificate application as well as obtaining a new passport or emergency travel document if you have lost your passport while on vacation. See also how to register Australian baby born overseas on this website.

Australian Embassy in Israel

Australian Embassy Lebanon

Australian Embassy United Arab Emirates


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