Australian Consulate in Malawi

Australian EmbassyThere is an Australian Consulate in Malawi however it is an Honorary Consulate located in Lilongwe. There is no Australian Embassy in Malawi and if you require the assistance of the Embassy such as applying for an Australian Visa then you would need to contact the Australian Embassy in Harare for more information.

Note that this is an Honorary consulate only. If you are on holiday and are having problems in Malawi such as a robbery, accident or other problems and in need of Consular Assistance then it would be a good idea to contact the Honorary Consul for assistance in the country. See the contact details as well as the mobile phone number for the Consul in Malawi. Any other questions then you should contact the Embassy in Zimbabwe.

Australian Honorary Consulate in Malawi


Address: Samala House, Level 2, Section B Offices City Centre, Lilongwe Malawi

Telephone: +265 (1) 774 894 / 5

Mobile: +265(0)999 969 984

Fax: +265 (1) 774 896

E-mail address:



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