Australian Consulate in Hong Kong

Australian EmbassyNote that if you are in Hong Kong then you can contact the Australian Consulate in Hong Kong for assistance if you are in trouble. If you are on holiday and lost your passport or are involved in an accident then you can contact the Consulate for consular assistance. Note that there is a limit to what they can do for you. See the page on assistance for more information as to what they can and cannot do.

If you are looking to visit Australia and want to apply for a tourist visa then you need to apply for a visitors visa at the Australian Embassy in Beijing. Also not that if you hold only a BNO passport then you are also allowed to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia as these are still acceptable. Speak to the staff at the Embassy or the Consulates about your BNO status as these are still accepted by the Australian government under the working scheme.

Australian Consulate in Hong Kong 

Australian Consulate in Hong Kong 300shadow

Australian Consulate in Hong Kong 

23/F Harbour Centre
25 Harbour Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong SAR

Tel: (852) 2827 8881
Fax: (852) 2585 4457

Note: Visa Applications in Hong Kong

The Consulate in Hong Kong does not accept visa or citizenship applications. For visa applicants in China, please refer to information for the Australian Embassy in Beijing, Australian Consulate in Shanghai and the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou.

Address in Chinese. Print this out
and show to the taxi driver:
Australian Consulate-
General, Hong Kong SAR



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