Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles

Australian EmbassyNote that much like the Thai Embassy and the British Embassies in the US the area has been divided into regions. The Australian Consulate in California deals only with residents in the following areas in America. These are California (south of the 36N latitude), Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada (Clark County only) and Utah.

Also take notice that there is an Honorary Consulate in Colorado as listed on this website. The Consulate staff are not able to assist with visa questions or immigration issues. They are also not able to assist with US Visa questions and does not issue birth, death or marriage certificates. Finally the Embassy does not assist with Police Clearance or Criminal History checks. Note also that All payments for Australian visa and citizenship applications lodged with the Australian Embassy in Washington, must be made by credit card only.

Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles

Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles300shadow


2029 Century Park East, Suite 3150. Los Angeles, CA 90067


+1 310 229 2300


+1 310 229 2380





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